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  1. KitKat update removes app permissions toggle
  2. White House sticks with double duty for NSA director
  3. Snowden: Dear Brazil, the NSA is watching you
  4. Target hack may have affected 40 million accounts
  5. Beware: MacBook webcams can be used to covertly spy on people
  6. Hackers hit Washington Post for second time in three years
  7. Target investigating massive Black Friday data breach: report
  8. Wickr 2 makes self-destructing SMS more fun
  9. Google: Government takedown requests on the rise
  10. Target: Hack may have hit 40 million accounts
  11. Security firm RSA took millions from NSA: report
  12. Target data stolen in hack showing up on black market
  13. Wickr 2.0 makes self-destructing SMS more fun
  14. Top state attorneys scrutinize Target data breach
  15. Snowden's Christmas message: Privacy counts
  16. Researchers report security flaw in Samsung's Galaxy S4
  17. Target: Encrypted PINs stolen but not encryption key
  18. Judge: NSA phone surveillance is legal, and a 'vital tool'
  19. NSA reportedly planted spyware on electronics equipment
  20. New malware roosting place: Inside your SD Card?
  21. Hacker tried to sell access to BBC server -- report
  22. The NSA and the erosion of trust
  23. NSA spyware gives agency full access to the iPhone -- report
  24. Overexposed: Snapchat user info from 4.6M accounts
  25. Criminals pilfer ATMs with malware infected USB drives
  26. Hackers taunt Skype: 'Stop spying on people!'
  27. Cybersecurity forces align as FireEye acquires Mandiant
  28. NSA working on quantum computer to break any encryption
  29. Drug overdose caused death of hacker
  30. Yahoo users exposed to malware attack
  31. Questions left unanswered about Yahoo malware attack
  32. Intel kills off McAfee Security brand
  33. Nevermind the hack: Snapchat hires lobbyists
  34. Hacker Guccifer strikes again, nabbing 'Downton Abbey' script
  35. RSA Conference speakers begin to bail, thanks to NSA
  36. Yahoo enables default HTTPS encryption for Yahoo Mail
  37. France slaps Google with fine, remedial measure
  38. Leahy's perennial data privacy bill gets another shot
  39. How the cost of cell phone surveillance can change legal privacy protections
  40. Yahoo malware turned PCs into Bitcoin miners
  41. Snapchat: OK, OK, we're sorry
  42. More on Target's data breach: Info on 70M people stolen
  43. Credit card hackers hit Neiman Marcus
  44. Yikes! Target's data breach now could affect 110M people
  45. Beyond Touch ID: Where mobile fingerprint scanners are headed
  46. Yahoo says malware attack farther reaching than thought
  47. Target confirms malware used on point-of-sale terminals
  48. More retailers reportedly victims of holiday data breaches
  49. Syrian Electronic Army hacks into Xbox Twitter accounts too
  50. New Blackphone aims to quash surveillance threat
  51. Judge cautions against some proposed reforms to NSA
  52. ACLU: 'Obama, grant Edward Snowden immunity now'
  53. Google+ Local hotel listings commandeered
  54. Security researcher finds clues to malware in Target heist
  55. Google snaps up security firm Impermium
  56. Microsoft employee e-mail also hit by Syrian Electronic Army
  57. After hack, Target offers year of free credit monitoring
  58. HealthCare.gov security -- 'a breach waiting to happen'
  59. Counter-confab TrustyCon to host speakers boycotting RSA Conference
  60. Neiman Marcus hack reportedly went undetected for months
  61. Target's data breach: Yes, it gets worse
  62. No sixth sense: '123456' is worst password of 2013
  63. Web scammers go too far: They're using cute doggie pics
  64. 5 questions for Snowden that aren't exactly about the NSA
  65. Google's Eric Schmidt says he was unaware of NSA snooping
  66. Russia linked to cyber espionage across Asia, Europe, US
  67. China's Great Firewall directs millions to open door to free surfing
  68. Snapchat's new verification already hacked
  69. Google Search now reveals semisecret origins of sites
  70. 13 indicted in $2M gas station card-skimming scheme
  71. Security suites jockey for position on Windows 8.1
  72. Verizon Transparency Report reveals 164,000 subpoenas, 1,500 wiretaps
  73. Ukraine texts citizens: Hey, we see you're in a mass disturbance
  74. Pew: Most young Americans support Snowden
  75. Gov't watchdog calls NSA's call records collection illegal
  76. German court: Google must take down Max Mosley's racy pics
  77. Is your fridge sending spam? Not so fast
  78. Friday Poll: How careful are you about passwords?
  79. Arts and crafts chain Michaels says credit card data may've been nicked
  80. Police want to use your home security cameras for surveillance
  81. DOJ to let tech companies speak out about NSA data collection
  82. Save data while translating in new iOS Chrome
  83. NSA using 'leaky apps' like Angry Birds, Google Maps to siphon user data
  84. With NSA reform, what does more disclosure from tech firms mean?
  85. SpyEye malware inventor pleads guilty to bank fraud
  86. Angry Birds maker Rovio: We don't share data with NSA
  87. NSA's warrantless surveillance gets a constitutional challenge
  88. Has a jealous lover hired hackers to get into your e-mail?
  89. Justice Department looking into Target data breach
  90. Coveted $50,000 Twitter username swiped in tale of woe
  91. UK filters to safeguard children block wrong sites -- report
  92. Chrome fights back against settings hijackers
  93. Teens expelled in keylogging of school computers
  94. Target works on security-heavy credit cards, after breach
  95. Tumblr activates SSL, but with a catch
  96. Tech firms reveal even more about FISA requests
  97. Google Now notifications now in Chrome beta
  98. Which Android security apps are the most effective?
  99. Adobe issues emergency Flash update for Windows and Mac
  100. Heating vents may have given Target hackers their opening
  101. How Big Brother's going to peek into your connected home
  102. Sochi visitors entering hacking 'minefield' by firing up electronics
  103. Turkey approves legislation to block Internet sites
  104. Sochi hack report 'fraudulent,' security researcher charges
  105. Tim Berners-Lee: We need a Web that's open and international
  106. Bitcoin Foundation, Mt. Gox spar over purported bug
  107. Multifactor authentication extended to all Office 365 users
  108. 'The Day We Fight Back' calls for protests against NSA spying
  109. NSA protest stirs up memories of AT&T spying scandal
  110. Record-breaking DDoS attack in Europe hit 400 Gbps
  111. Snapchat hack spams users with smoothie photos
  112. Squawk! Flappy Bird fakes are hatching Android malware
  113. Record-breaking DDoS attack in Europe hits 400Gbps
  114. Hackers hit Tesco as over 2,200 accounts compromised
  115. Syrian Electronic Army hacks Forbes, steals user data
  116. Neighbor banned from Web after naked man shows up at woman's house
  117. Google acquires password sounds startup SlickLogin
  118. Kickstarter hacked, user data stolen
  119. Target hack strips banks and credit unions of $200M
  120. Belkin WeMo smart home networks in danger of hacks
  121. Asus router vulnerabilities go unfixed despite reports
  122. NSA targeted WikiLeaks, Pirate Bay, leaked documents show
  123. AT&T reports more than 300,000 data requests in 2013
  124. Data breach at University of Maryland exposes 300K records
  125. Cyberattacked site offers $13K hacker reward
  126. Namecheap targeted in monumental DDoS attack
  127. Adobe issues emergency patch -- again
  128. Apple security update fixes iOS vulnerability
  129. Apple promises to fix OS X encryption flaw 'very soon'
  130. New TextSecure delivers smoother encryption
  131. iOS security hole reportedly exposes your screen input
  132. Apple's culture of secrecy delays security response -- again
  133. MasterCard to boost credit card security with smartphones
  134. Google Glass blamed for melee in SF bar
  135. White House faces options for regulating NSA data snooping -- report
  136. Black market lights up with 360M stolen credentials -- report
  137. Google, Microsoft agree: Cloud is now safe enough to use
  138. RSA protests by DEF CON groups, Code Pink draw ire
  139. Bitcoin exchanges reportedly served with subpoenas
  140. Google keeps an ever-closer eye on non-Play Store apps
  141. Uh-oh, this computer virus can spread via Wi-Fi
  142. Yahoo, ICQ chats still vulnerable to government snoops
  143. Bitcoin losses spur Mt. Gox to bankruptcy filing
  144. TrustyCon's RSA Conference rebels promise more to come
  145. Colbert turns his funny gun on Snowden in RSA keynote
  146. Klocwork: Our source code analyzer caught Apple's 'gotofail' bug
  147. Security firm claims Russian government makes malware
  148. Yahoo taps TrustyCon co-founder Alex Stamos for chief information security officer
  149. FreedomPop's 'Snowden phone' encrypts your calls and data
  150. Edward Snowden to speak at South by Southwest
  151. Ukraine under cyberattack as US-Russia tensions rise
  152. Bitcoin bank Flexcoin shuts down after hack
  153. Japan's response to Mt. Gox Bitcoin mess: Taxes, report says
  154. Privacy groups ask FTC to block Facebook-WhatsApp deal
  155. Privacy at peril: From one tweet, a full-blown hack
  156. Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto discovered in California?
  157. Comixology users must change passwords after data breach
  158. Microsoft plans to patch critical Windows, IE bugs next week
  159. WikiLeaks' Julian Assange: NSA critics got lucky because agency had no PR strategy
  160. In most-anticipated SXSW talk in years, Snowden fires up Austin
  161. Snowden at SXSW: The NSA set fire to the future of the Internet
  162. EU's Neelie Kroes: 'Snowden gave us a wake-up call'
  163. Feinstein excoriates CIA for spying on Senate committee
  164. 200M consumer records exposed in Experian security lapse
  165. DDoS attack is launched from 162,000 WordPress sites
  166. NSA system designed to attack 'millions' of computers -- report
  167. How Target detected hack but failed to act -- Bloomberg
  168. Samsung Galaxy devices may have backdoor to user data, developer says
  169. WhatsApp pooh-poohs report of security flaw
  170. Google fixes 7 Chrome security holes just before CanSecWest
  171. China censors hit popular WeChat accounts
  172. All hacking eyes on the prize money at CanSecWest
  173. Ukrainian hackers claim takedown of NATO Web sites
  174. Twitter CEO heads to China to meet with officials
  175. Beware this big iOS flaw -- and it's not alone
  176. Mt. Gox update lets users see their Bitcoin balances
  177. Fake Malaysia Airlines links spread malware
  178. IBM: No, we did not help NSA spy on customers
  179. How to spy on your lover, the smartphone way
  180. Microsoft touts study showing the cost of pirated software
  181. Despite assault on privacy, Page sees value in online openness
  182. Hackers transform EA Web page into Apple ID phishing scheme
  183. NSA top lawyer says tech giants knew about data collection
  184. Microsoft defends opening Hotmail account of blogger in espionage case
  185. Syria's Internet goes dark for several hours
  186. Symantec fires CEO Steve Bennett
  187. Microsoft sniffed blogger's Hotmail account to trace leak
  188. IBM's new services zero in on fraud, financial crime
  189. The best after-Christmas deals and sales: 40 percent off PS Classic, $20 off JBL Clip
  190. Malware suspected of hobbling several newspapers' production - CNET
  191. 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe can use a fingerprint instead of a key - Roadshow
  192. iPhone 'X' names have nowhere to go in 2019 - CNET
  193. Amazon reportedly plans to build new Whole Foods Market stores - CNET
  194. Here's every iPhone ever made from 2007 to today - CNET
  195. The 60 best iPhone games of 2018 - CNET
  196. Google Doodle prepares to welcome 2019 with partying pachyderms - CNET
  197. The 56 best Android games of 2018 - CNET
  198. Stan Lee's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse cameo will warm your heart - CNET
  199. Best mobile games of 2018 - CNET
  200. Best iPhone XS and XS Max cases - CNET
  201. Cars we're most looking forward to driving in 2019 - Roadshow
  202. Best iPhone XR cases - CNET
  203. Before the Concorde, there was 'the Concordski' - CNET
  204. Ryan Reynolds shares behind-the-scenes peek at Detective Pikachu - CNET
  205. Teen scientist checks for alien lasers around famously weird star - CNET
  206. Endings and Easter eggs in Netflix's Black Mirror: Bandersnatch - CNET
  207. Best streaming movies of 2018: The lazy moviegoer's guide - CNET
  208. FCC may be forced to suspend most operations this week - CNET
  209. NASA New Horizons zooms toward Ultima Thule as historic flyby nears - CNET
  210. Aquaman director James Wan: Stop harassing people who hate the movie - CNET
  211. Queen guitarist Brian May premieres new song for historic NASA flyby - CNET
  212. Netflix reveals Stranger Things season 3 premiere date - CNET
  213. NASA New Horizons spacecraft completes historic Ultima Thule flyby - CNET
  214. See what happens when Black Mirror: Bandersnatch meets the Avengers - CNET
  215. How to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack for free - CNET
  216. Google is primed to go big at CES again - CNET
  217. 14 questions CES 2019 needs to answer - CNET
  218. US Stratcom deletes New Year's Eve tweet about its readiness to "drop something"
  219. This home theater recreates the multiplex with a level of detail you won't believe
  220. Taylor Swift's Reputation tour lives forever and ever on Netflix - CNET
  221. Everyone's going to the moon! And more space news coming in 2019 - CNET
  222. Facebook Messenger reportedly tests dark mode in some regions - CNET
  223. Why your iPhone or Android phone will get more expensive in 2019 - CNET
  224. Nikki Haley loses 1.67M Twitter followers due to Obama-era rules - CNET
  225. Venomous toads hop a ride on a python to escape storm - CNET
  226. Roku goes mobile to take on Amazon Prime Video's paid channels - CNET
  227. Tesla cuts US car prices following record production in Q4 2018 - Roadshow
  228. At CES 2019, robots will be smarter, cuter and cooler than ever - CNET
  229. Netflix reportedly pulls episode of comedy show to satisfy Saudi Arabia - CNET
  230. Volkswagen reveals mobile fast-charger for electric cars - Roadshow
  231. Faraday Future's new investor agreement puts the past behind it, hopefully - Road
  232. CES 2019 TVs preview: Get ready for 8K AI rollable OLED with Alexa - CNET
  233. Get a refurbished Google Pixelbook hybrid for $600 - CNET
  234. Mercedes CLA-Class lets a headlight peek out ahead of CES 2019 debut - Roadshow
  235. Hackers are forcing smart TVs, Chromecasts to promote PewDiePie - CNET
  236. LG says its washer and dryer can hold a king-size comforter plus bedding - CNET
  237. Fortnite star Ninja says he raked in millions of dollars last year - CNET
  238. Arizonans waging guerrilla warfare against self-driving Waymo vans - Roadshow
  239. Star Wars Resistance shorts tide fans over during midseason break - CNET
  240. Nokia 9 PureView promo video leak purports to show off 5-camera phone - CNET
  241. FCC filings leak two new Ring security lights - CNET
  242. 10 apps to help take better care of yourself in 2019 - CNET
  243. Original Blade Runner vs. today's tech: Is the film's 2019 future here? - CNET
  244. 'Super blood wolf moon' kicks off super year for eclipses - CNET
  245. NASA's Juno mission spots dramatic volcano eruption on Jupiter moon Io - CNET
  246. August is working on a new 'View' Doorbell Cam and Chime, says report - CNET
  247. Judge dismisses lawsuits against Facebook, Google, Twitter over San Bernardino shooti
  248. Bird Box Challenge prompts Netflix to issue danger warning - CNET
  249. Hyundai promises walking, climbing 'car' concept for CES 2019 - Roadshow
  250. How Apple should unleash the iPad Pro in 2019 - CNET