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  1. PewDiePie versus T-Series silliness reveals battle for the soul of YouTube
  2. How Facebook deals with the fact AI is a mess on smartphones
  3. Five major challenges facing Apple in 2019
  4. EU to fund bug bounty programs for 14 open source projects starting January 2019
  5. Ransomware suspected in cyberattack that crippled major US newspapers
  6. Apple's iPhone XR: Bad marketing or sneakily clever?
  7. My Health Record had 42 data breaches in 2017-18 but no 'malicious' attacks: ADHA
  8. Three ways DevOps will be more finely tuned in 2019
  9. How will guide dogs react to service robots?
  10. Stryd running power meter hands-on: Trying focused power training in the new year
  11. Software teaches robots to respect ownership
  12. Sick and disgusted: The worst tech failures of 2018
  13. Cyberwar predictions for 2019: The stakes have been raised
  14. Smartphone innovation to ramp in 2019 thanks to foldable screens, in-screen fingerpri
  15. ?5 technologies you'll get sick of hearing about in 2019
  16. Predictions 2019: The Internet of Things
  17. Biggest storage stories of 2019
  18. Microsoft wish list: How to keep customers happy and make money in 2019
  19. Conversational AI goes mainstream at Capital One bank
  20. Mixed Reality 2019: Why the year ahead will be huge for enterprise AR/VR
  21. Explosion in digital evidence coming thanks to IoT and 5G: Hancom GMD
  22. Rio Tinto completes rollout of world-first autonomous iron ore rail operation
  23. DBS banks on data to know what customers want before they themselves know
  24. Privacy International hits out at unconsented Facebook tracking within apps
  25. Want a hybrid workforce? The trick is getting humans and machines speaking to each ot
  26. Google's Soli mini-radar gesture controls for phones, cars just got more accurate
  27. Big Data 2019: Cloud redefines the database and Machine Learning runs it
  28. New Nokia 9 PureView: Five-camera smartphone leaks in promo video
  29. Windows 10 is now most popular PC OS as Windows 7 wanes
  30. Apple's biggest embarrassment of 2018
  31. DIY-IT: Exciting maker projects and gear coming to ZDNet in 2019
  32. Three technology trends that will redefine marketing in 2019
  33. Can virtual assistants plug the healthcare gap?
  34. Brazilian government creates data protection authority
  35. Microsoft to add two new Microsoft 365 security, compliance bundles to its line-up
  36. Hacker hijacks thousands of Chromecasts and smart TVs to play PewDiePie ad
  37. Samsung's One UI release schedule updated with good news for Note users
  38. Data of 2.4 million Blur password manager users left exposed online
  39. Hey Apple: Forget AirPower. Get your accessories act together
  40. Over half of consumers will choose a chatbot over a human to save time
  41. Apple cuts Q1 revenue outlook due to weak iPhone sales, Chinese market
  42. Law regulating online shopping activities enforced in China
  43. USB Type-C gets authentication to protect against malicious devices
  44. Australian Taxation Office says low value GST collection doing better than expected
  45. NBN gives itself until September to get fixed wireless congestion sorted
  46. Apple's Q1 revenue miss: Here are the 5 takeaways you need to know
  47. Samsung to supply 8-nanometre V9 chips for Audi cars
  48. Google Chrome flaw patched three years after initial report
  49. How to enable and test the new Google Chrome dark mode on Windows 10
  50. Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa: Hands-on with an impressive new release
  51. Fortune 1000 to ‘urgently’ invest in Big Data, AI in 2019 in fear of digital rivals
  52. Hyperloops & air taxis: Here's what life might look like in 2030
  53. Mozilla: Open-source Thunderbird getting new look, better Gmail support, encryption
  54. This million-core supercomputer inspired by the human brain breaks all the rules
  55. Brazil's new science and technology minister takes over
  56. Bad news for Apple will be good news for Apple buyers
  57. Google's futuristic Fuchsia OS will run Android apps
  58. Revamped cryptominer strikes Asia through EternalBlue exploit
  59. Hacking attacks on your router: Why the worst is yet to come
  60. Does anyone really care about those monthly ‘market share’ numbers?
  61. iOS 12's rapid rise: Now 78% of Apple's newer mobile devices run it
  62. Medtronic, IBM add AI driven low glucose warning system to Sugar.IQ app
  63. 'Town of Salem' game suffers data breach exposing 7.6 million user details
  64. How long can Apple wait for the next big thing?
  65. Dublin’s Luas tram system threatened with private data leak
  66. Today's technology trends that will still matter a decade from now
  67. Microsoft is privately testing 'Bali,' a way to give users control of data collected
  68. Defense contractor: IT must embrace radical transparency and culture change
  69. Data, crystal balls, looking glasses, and boiling frogs: Reviewing 2018, predicting 2
  70. Phones and more: The best of everything mobile
  71. The top 5 Linux and open-source stories of 2018
  72. Apple: Beginning of the end, or a new beginning?
  73. Apple loses the plot with iPhone XR
  74. New ReiKey app can detect macOS keyloggers
  75. Smartphones: Is there any innovation left in this market?
  76. This could be what Samsung's Galaxy S10 looks like
  77. Hey Juul, you made it bad
  78. Microsoft Azure: Everything you need to know about Redmond's cloud service
  79. AI could reduce the tech in your smartphone
  80. Security researcher cracks Google's Widevine DRM (L3 only)
  81. MIT creates 2D nanostructures made of DNA
  82. China has held thirteen Canadians since Huawei CFO arrest: Report
  83. Apple smartwatch market share drops below 45 percent: ABI Research
  84. A deluge of privilege escalation vulnerabilities has been patched in CleanMyMac X
  85. Disappointing Reality: IMAX to shutter VR operations in 2019
  86. OLX launches product management immersion in Rio de Janeiro
  87. This is why Apple doesn't want you fixing your smartphone
  88. Is Poland the opening Alibaba needs to break grip of Amazon, Microsoft, Google on clo
  89. This data-stealing Android malware infiltrated the Google Play Store, infecting users
  90. On the eve of CES 2019, the prospects for a post-Windows world
  91. Qualcomm posts €1.34bn bonds to enforce German Apple iPhone sale ban
  92. Tim Cook to Apple employees: iPhone activations in US, Canada set new record
  93. Could this mystery foldable phone with two bends be secret Xiaomi device?
  94. Dell announces Latitude 7400 with 24-hour battery
  95. Zortrax M300 and M300 Plus: Industrial-class 3D printers ideal for specialty applicat
  96. Nvidia DGX-2 review: More AI bang, for a lot more bucks
  97. New year, new networks as researchers optimize AI
  98. Meet the new Diet iPhone: Could a fresh formula boost Apple's bottom line?
  99. It's a Linux-powered car world
  100. Artificial intelligence may compensate for the opaqueness of supply chains
  101. Firefox has a secret porn filter that prevents adult sites from showing up on your ne
  102. Cloudera and Hortonworks' merger closes; quo vadis Big Data?
  103. Marriott says less than 383 million guests impacted by breach, not 500 million
  104. 2019: The continuing rise of tech worker power
  105. How IoT might transform four industries this year
  106. Phones to expect post-CES: Samsung Galaxy S10, Honor View 11, Nokia 9, and more
  107. Culture clash: There's nothing virtual about Google's urban expansion plans
  108. CES 2019: 3 reasons professionals should pay attention
  109. Tired tech workers lose 27 hours of sleep per month
  110. CES chief Gary Shapiro predicts the biggest hits of 2019 show
  111. Most home routers don't take advantage of Linux's improved security features
  112. City of LA sues Weather Channel app for sharing location data with advertisers
  113. Singapore Airlines customer logs into account, sees stranger's personal data
  114. Facial recognition doesn't work as intended on 42 of 110 tested smartphones
  115. NSA to release a free reverse engineering tool
  116. Singapore Airlines data breach affects 284 accounts, exposes travel details
  117. An Apple saleswoman says this is the only reason to buy an iPad Pro
  118. CES 2019: AMD expands mobile CPU line up, adds world’s fastest processor for ultrathi
  119. CES 2019: HP, Acer, and Asus unveil new laptops
  120. CES 2019: Asus launches Chromebook Education series with trio of laptops, Chrome-runn
  121. CES 2019 preview, upcoming phone leaks, and Pandora on an Apple Watch (MobileTechRoun
  122. CES 2019: No batteries required; Matrix PowerWatch 2 is powered by the sun and your b
  123. Apple and Samsung bring iTunes and AirPlay to smart TVs
  124. CES 2019: What to expect from the chipmakers
  125. CES 2019: Jabra challenges Bose and Sony for the ultimate noise-canceling cans with t
  126. Google Assistant to hit 1 billion devices, aims to surround and pound Amazon's Alexa
  127. Do you really need an eGPU with a 2018 Mac mini?
  128. Microsoft and Kroger to jointly market a commercial retail-as-a-service product
  129. Microsoft pulls buggy Office 2010 January updates
  130. The absolute best iPhone deals for January 2019
  131. São Paulo city picks vendor for public WiFi rollout
  132. CES 2019: Robotic suitcases back (and ... maybe better?) at this year's show
  133. Microsoft should pay damages for forced Windows 10 update, say Finns
  134. BlackBerry Secure feature packs aspire to give trusted security to 'all smart things'
  135. CES 2019: Ford demos cellular V2X with Qualcomm chipset
  136. CES 2019: Voice activated trash disposal
  137. MongoDB in 2019: Cloud, transactions, and mobile will be on the agenda
  138. MicroStrategy 2019 introduces "HyperIntelligence" contextual BI
  139. iPad Pro bending issues: Apple explains away 'subtle deviations in flatness'
  140. CES 2019: Garmin announces Vivoactive 3 Music - connected by Verizon, its first with
  141. How to fill the IT skills gap
  142. CES 2019 (exclusive): AARP trialing Virtual Reality for remote healthcare
  143. Amazon's next big thing: Prime, but for healthcare?
  144. CES 2019: 5G, AI, design and data collide
  145. IP Australia moving to undo legacy apron strings and operate round the clock
  146. Dimension Data Australia lost AU$6.1 million in FY19
  147. NEC Australia back in the red for FY19 and reducing employee count
  148. ASG Group scores AU$75m Main Roads WA IT services contract
  149. LG CNS to trial AI X-ray analysis service in public health centres
  150. Indian government likely to cave in on data localisation stance after pressure from U
  151. IBM using AI to help prevent Australia's beaches from washing away
  152. Telemarketers pressure consumers into signing NBN contracts: TIO
  153. Google: High-risk G Suite users now get same advanced security we use in-house
  154. Commercialisation opportunity for Data61's Data Airlock system as interest ramps up
  155. Cisco to pay $8.6 million for selling vulnerable software to US government
  156. Chinese e-commerce app Xiaohongshu unavailable for download on Android: Report
  157. 'Robo-debt' to face fresh Senate inquiry
  158. Twilio crosses $1B annualized run rate in Q2
  159. MICROCHIPS Act wants to secure US govt supply chain against Chinese sabotage
  160. Fitbit cuts Q3, 2019 outlook based on weak Versa Lite demand
  161. Western Digital says flash market has hit its trough
  162. Qualcomm's Q3 sales fall short as demand for 4G devices slows
  163. Brazilian firms struggle with cloud security immaturity
  164. Smartphone shipments decline in Q2, but the market is stabilizing, IDC says
  165. New long-term support version of Linux Mint desktop released
  166. GermanWiper ransomware hits Germany hard, destroys files, asks for ransom
  167. Best Buy three-day summer sale: $99 Fire TV, $50 off Apple Watch 4, and more
  168. My hunt for the right iPad model: Too small, too big, and just right
  169. In TV streaming race, a new product thinks out of the box
  170. Google’s DeepMind follows a mixed path to AI in medicine
  171. A camera and satellite net to stop big game poaching in Africa
  172. IBM, Rometty outline Red Hat strategy: Here's how the parts fit together for IBM grow
  173. New FAA app allows drone operators to check air space before they fly
  174. Google Project Zero: 95.8% of all bug reports are fixed before deadline expires
  175. A dismal industry: The unsustainable burden of cybersecurity
  176. Microsoft and Samsung step up their partnership ahead of next week's Unpacked event
  177. Seagate says cloud, hyperscale storage demand improving
  178. Google: Here's how Search is changing to give you latest data in snapshot results
  179. DealPly adware abuses Microsoft, McAfee services to evade detection
  180. Google: We'll offer rival search engines on Android but they'll have to pay us
  181. IT strategy: How CIOs can create a productive workforce
  182. Apple, Google: We've stopped listening to your private Siri, Assistant chat, for now
  183. Suspected state-sponsored hacking group tried to break into US utilities
  184. Poshmark clothing marketplace says hacker stole customer details
  185. WA proposes new Privacy Commissioner and government Chief Data Officer
  186. Australian banks pilot regtech solutions to solve compliance problems
  187. Over 30,000 Australians cancelled their My Health Record in under two months
  188. NBN write-down would not impact Budget surplus: Cormann
  189. Apple will end up doing what Intel could not
  190. Galaxy Tab S6 challenges iPad Pro, Jaybird Vista, Pixel 4 features, new Chromebooks (
  191. US military purchased $32.8m worth of electronics with known security risks
  192. Lenovo teases trio of new Chromebooks, including 15.6-inch C340-15 convertible laptop
  193. With Pixel 4, Google tries to out-ugly Apple
  194. How much RAM does your Windows PC really need? (August 2019 edition)
  195. Want 1.5TB of RAM in your PC? It will cost you!
  196. Half of all Google Chrome extensions have fewer than 16 installs
  197. China pumps up the hype about A.I. with oddball computer chip
  198. 3 out of 4 phishing scams get to your inbox untouched
  199. GitHub sued for aiding hacking in Capital One breach
  200. How to get the longest life out of your battery (and help prevent it from bursting in
  201. New Dragonblood vulnerabilities found in WiFi WPA3 standard
  202. Poor battery life after installing iOS 12.4? Try this
  203. Enterprise vendors increasingly dominate the open source software scene
  204. Fake influencer follower fraud to cost companies $1.3B in 2019
  205. Python is eating the world: How one developer's side project became the hottest progr
  206. Apple Card launches today, if you're lucky enough to get an invite
  207. Zebra extends NFL partnership for player tracking via RFID
  208. AT&T employees took bribes to plant malware on the company's network
  209. Microsoft and Informatica make coordinated data warehouse migration move
  210. Cisco acquires Voicea, aims to add transcription, analytics to WebEx
  211. Xilinx launches Alveo U50 data center accelerator card
  212. Cockroach Labs: With new funding, its future belongs in the cloud
  213. Goodbye, iPad: My Galaxy Note with Samsung DeX does way more for less
  214. Google just killed off its Trips app despite pleas from users to keep it alive
  215. Amazon Prime vs Amazon Business Prime: Everything you need to know
  216. What is Amazon Business and how does it work?
  217. Best professional drones on Amazon Business
  218. Best business laptops on Amazon Business
  219. Best gear for business travel on Amazon Business
  220. DataStax expands partnership with VMware to support hybrid cloud
  221. Will HPE be MapR’s happy ending?
  222. Samsung's Note 10: Here are the questions you need to answer before buying
  223. Twitter may have shared user data with ad partners without user consent
  224. University of Sydney researchers to use AI to help prevent heart attacks
  225. Apple under investigation from Japan's FTC for pressuring parts makers: Report
  226. Singapore eases approval process for fintech trials, unveils cybersecurity rules
  227. New ‘warshipping’ technique gives hackers access to enterprise offices
  228. Australia Post to use NBN as part of network infrastructure upgrade
  229. StarHub second quarter sees net profit drop over a third
  230. Suncorp ditches marketplace strategy as insurance profit drops 14%
  231. CBA profit slips to AU$8.6b as it continues to simplify its structure
  232. New Windows hack warning: Patch Intel systems now to block SWAPGSAttack exploits
  233. Facebook files lawsuit against two Android app developers for click fraud
  234. Nike acquires Celect, adds to data science team
  235. New Relic shares fall on weak Q2 outlook
  236. Security bugs in popular Cisco switch brand allow hackers to take over devices
  237. Final Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 version released
  238. Most people would prefer to be replaced by a robot, not a human
  239. How to do a clean install of Windows 10: Which option is best for you?
  240. USPS reports decline in package shipments as Amazon brings more deliveries in-house
  241. Guns or video games: What kind of stand do businesses dare make?
  242. Which US State has narrowed the STEM gender gap the most?
  243. Microsoft is phasing out the Basic edition of Azure Active Directory
  244. McAfee buys container security startup NanoSec
  245. Phishing emails: Here's why we are still getting caught out after all these years
  246. Uber has 99 million active consumers on its platform in Q2, but revenue misses
  247. No China, no choice: Why 2019 is the worst smartphone year ever
  248. The 10 best smartphones you can buy right now
  249. New Saefko Trojan focuses on stealing your credit card details, crypto wallets
  250. Black Hat 2019 trends: Social media influence campaigns, big business, ATM hacking