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  1. Emsisoft Receives AV-Comparatives Business Security Award

    Emsisoft Receives AV-Comparatives Business Security Award

    Businesses handle high-value data in their day-to-day operations. Employee and customer information and other business data (financial, suppliers, partners, and possibly business secrets as well) are just some of the valuable data processed every single day. A single cyber attack could compromise some or all of this private information and could bring an organization to its knees. Attacks can even leapfrog to attack business ...
  2. Emsisoft Anti-Malware - Updated Review

    Emsisoft Anti-Malware - Updated Review

    Since my Original review of Emsisoft back in 2015, Emsisoft has added many new awesome features, like anti-ransomware and Windows Firewall Fortification features. Emsisoft Anti-Malware is the complete solution for your Anti-virus and Anti-Malware needs with the added protection from Ransomware that is extremely bad recently.

    "Emsisoft is HANDS down the BEST protection on the market! It is the ONLY protection we use personally!"
  3. Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Software - Review

    Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Software - Review

    For years I have experimented and thoroughly tested a lot of Anti-Virus software. I tested their capabilities, impact on performance, and if they caused conflicts with other programs. I have thoroughly tested products like, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, AVG, etc.

    Many of them are somewhat effective, but miss malware. Some impact your system really bad with performance. Some have so much bloatware that it is a nightmare
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  4. CryptoLocker, a new and nasty piece of malicious software!

    To all of our customers:

    There is a new virus that is beginning to spread across the web. The ransom-ware is called Crypto-locker. The malware infects your machine by clicking on a link in either email or some type of correspondence. We have seen them come through as a package tracking number among others. Once the software is installed, it will encrypt all of the files on your hard drive rendering them useless until you pay the “ransom” for the key. We are seeing costs between $300-$500 ...
  5. FBI Ransomware Virus - Hijacker - Removal

    FBI Ransomware Virus - Hijacker - Removal

    Do you have the FBI Ransomware Virus?

    • Are you stuck and cannot remove it?
    • Safemode locked and you can't access your computer?
    • Nothing works that you tried and read online?

    Contact us today. We can schedule an appointment and remove this virus for you!

    Contact us

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