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No Power to Laptop / Broken power plug

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  • No Power to Laptop / Broken power plug

    Posted BY:kjun4man

    I have a Gateway (MA7) NX570X laptop and 1 week ago when I returned from vacation I found it was dead. I plugged it in and it is receiving no power, the lights on the front are not even lighting up to show it's charging. I checked the power cord with a mutimeter and it has power. I've read that it could either be a problem with the power cord plug on the laptop or the motherboard could be fried.

    My question is, would it be worth trying to diagnose it and get it repaired or should I just scrap it and by a new one?

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    Most common problems is the power jack in the laptop. (Where you plug the a/c power plug into). They usually break away from the motherboard. Not many local repair shops will attempt to repair these due to the cost and time involved. There are specialty places you can search on google that specialize in power jack replacements. Typically they charge $99 plus shipping of your laptop both ways.

    As far as deciding if it is worth it or not, usually this is your preference. If the laptop is more then 3 years old, then it may be worth getting a new laptop. The prices of new laptops have come down greatly and the options/performance is awesome.

    I have found HP and Dell laptops to be the most durable and reliable.

    Hope this helps!


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      There are many specialty businesses on the internet that specialize in fixing broken or inoperative power Plugs. I have found most usually charge a flat fee of $99.00 plus you pay for shipping your laptop / notebook to them and then back to you.

      Depending on how old your laptop / notebook is, this may be worth repairing it with one of these specialty shops.

      If you decide to use one of the repair facilities, here is some advice:

      1: Always try to search for reviews of the business on the internet.
      2: Try and verify that the business is real and legitimate.
      3: Always check for a working phone number and an actual address, NOT A PO BOX.
      4: If they don't show a phone number or actual verifiable address, DON'T SEND YOUR COMPUTER!
      5: Always ship with insurance and SIGNATURE confirmation. This assures you an actual person must sign for it.

      Hope this helps!

      Good Luck!