Do you have a Dedicated, or VPS server? Are you not very knowledgeable or skilled with SSH? Are you afraid of making mistakes, or not having the training to do basic and advanced things on your server?

I have the perfect utility to HIGHLY recommend to everyone. For years, even with knowledge and skill of SSH, and root commands, I hated it.

I used Parallels Virtuozzo which gave me some basic modules to view, edit and change the Root Files, etc. Most hosts nowadays use SolusVM so you don't have many options any more.

When I upgraded to a Hybrid server, which is absolutely amazing by the way, (, they migrated me from my VPS to a Hybrid server that was equipped with SolusVM.

So I had to find a plugin / utility that would allow me to do the same, but hopefully more then Parallels Virtuozzo. So I have WHM, and started looking. Then I found the ultimate solution:

WHMXtra | Making Life Easier

Xtra adds over 160+ features to your WHM / cPanel.

Install firewalls, ddos protection, FFMPEG, and many more things. Everything in Xtra is designed to save you time and money when it comes to securing, repairing and managing your server!

This is by far the absolute best utility you will ever need. They have great options to buy a lifetime license, or you can opt to do a yearly license. You will be amazed at everything this plugin does!!!

Here is some info:

Ultimate Pro Suite

Turbo charge your WHM with Xtra Ultimate Pro Suite which adds over 160+ tools to WHM and cPanel, all of which can save you hours of time and tons of money when it comes to securing, repairing and managing your server. Itís perfect for the single user new to servers or even an experienced admin who wants to save time and get things done quickly. Datacenters like SingleHop also provide Xtra to their clients to save techs time for more serious issues. Works on any server with WHM/cPanel and installs with a single command!

Xtra can install FFMPEG, firewalls, ddos protection, fix mysql issues, search for illegal files or processes, monitor your server and much much more. Browse the entire server filesystem via one of our built in file managers, upload/download files, create multiple accounts, check memory and CPU usage and even get tips on improving your servers performance.

Ultimate Plugins

The plugins section of Xtra Ultimate Edition adds even more value to the deal, adding 14 plugins and rising. Add almost 2 dozen features to your end users cPanel with our cPanel Xtra plugin. Also you can monitor your server, keep tech notes, let your users change cpanel themes and more. Other plugins made by quality companies such as NDC Host provide you with even more valuable tools to save you time and money. And by making them installable via Xtra's point and click interface it's easier than ever to save yourself hours of time and frustration!