Fab's AutoBackup 4 Tech
[AutoBackup 4]

Even if it is still very easy to use, this version is
mostly designed for professionals (like computer repair shops) who need to backup data for serveral users accounts at once or to save data from unbootable computers. Like Fab's AutoBackup 3, it makes the backup and restore tasks easier. Data handled are stuff like emails, documents and much more.

There are two major evolutions from Fab's AutoBackup 3 :

- Up to 20 users account handled at once (no need to log in / log off, switch user account and do it again).
- Other hard drives than the current system drive can be selected. This feature was available in Fab's AutoBackup 2 PE edition but was missing in Fab's AutoBackup 3. Many people asked for it, so it is back now. It can be integrated to a BART PE/UBCD4WINboot CD with a PEBuilder plugin available.

This version is the technician's best friend.

IMPORTANT : If Outlook PST files are stored elsewhere than the default location, they are not found automatically. You would have to use the built-in search function to get them. To save time, do not forget to ask your customers if they did something like that. Those who did would know.

The program allows backup, restore, transfer (backup on one computer, restore to another or the same computer) :

Personal folders:
User's Windows Desktop

Quick launch toolbar
Desktop's wallpaper
My Documents folder (without My Pictures, My Music and My Videos folders which are backed-up separately).
My Pictures folder
My Music folder
My Videos folder

Web browsers:
Windows Internet Explorer favourites

Windows Internet Explorer main start page
Windows Internet Explorer settings (proxy...)
Google Chrome profile
Chromium browser profile
Apple Safari profile
Opera (Web browser and email client)
Firefox settings : bookmarks, extensions (tested with AdBlock Plus and LogMeIn plug-in)...
AOL data and settings (experimental)

Outlook Express messages and settings (mail accounts, rules...)

Microsoft Office Outlook PST/OST files (messages, address book and calendar are stored in)
Windows Messaging profiles (for experts, contains accounts, Outlook PST/OST files locations...)
Outlook signatures files
Outlook.nk2 file (contains the A field history)
Windows Mail messages and settings
Windows Live Mail messages and settings
Windows Address book, used by outlook Express or Windows Mail
Mozilla Thunderbird messages and settings
IncrediMail messages and settings

Screen saver settings (enabled or not, password protected or not, time to wait before it shows up)

Windows Vista's calendar
Windows Live Messenger (Note : Windows Live ID is not restored but files are).
Skype data and settings
Windows Sidebar's Gadgets (installed by user)
Windows Vista/7 Downloads folder
Intuit QuickBooks data (experimental)
NCH ExpressInvoice data (experimental)
Picasa (albums and database)
Trillian Astra data and settings
ICQ history and settings
Logitech SetPoint settings
Microsoft IntelliType Pro settings
Microsoft IntelliPoint settings

Shared Documents folder

System fonts (useful if you installed fonts unbundled with Windows or your software)
Microsoft Office activation files (XP/2003/2007)
Modem parameters (rasphone.pbk file), except credentials
User defined additional files
User defined additional folders

You can buy your copy from here: Fab's Corner

GoHighVoltage Review:

"This is by far the best tool anyone can use to back up what is important. Very easy to use, and highly recommended. If you have a single user computer, or a computer with multiple users, there is NO other software available that can match Fab's Autobackup!"

Thank you Fab for such a great product!