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Remove Metadata From JPEG And PNG

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  • Remove Metadata From JPEG And PNG

    Many image formats support so called metadata which are shunks of information stored in the image file itself. This can include the digital camera model used to take the images, time and date the picture was taken or GPS information that tell anyone where the image was taken. Metadata takes up disk space, this can be a few bytes to Kilobytes per image which can accumulate to Megabytes easily.

    Privacy interested users, those who want to save up disk space or those who simply do not need the metadata an use a software like JPEG & PNG Stripper to remove the metadata from the images. The portable software has a size of 77 Kilobytes. It comes with a graphical user interface that can be used to drag and drop images or folders containing images into it. A few options on the top configure the output and some other information.

    The program will automatically scan all image files that have been dropped into the interface and remove the metadata from those images. It will verbose the name, status and size gain of each individual file and generate a report in the end that lists the total amount of images files, the size, the number of files with removed metadata and the total free space gain thanks to the operation.

    Download JPEG & PNG Stripper here: