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Notebook Computer, External Monitor = Video distortion?

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  • Notebook Computer, External Monitor = Video distortion?

    Very strange situation. One that I took a lot of time to look into and solve. I have seen many complaints on distortion in the video of all different monitors when hooked up to a laptop and using an external monitor. People would say that there are horizontal lines that flicker. When they disconnect the power supply to the notebook/laptop the distortion goes away.

    After spending some time and duplicating the issue every time, I found what the issue is and how to correct it. The issue is that ALL new monitors come with a VGA cable that simply is not shielded enough. Due to costs, etc, I am sure they downgraded the wires over the years. If you use one of the OLD vga cables (gray) like off the old CRT monitors, the distortion goes away permanently!!!! This is due to the old cables being heavily shielded because of EMI, etc that escaped from the monitor itself. So there are two solutions: one is to use an old, thick/shielded cable, or make sure to purchase a HIGH quality, double or better, triple shielded VGA cable.