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Official WD tool to disable TLER - WDTLER.ZIP

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  • Official WD tool to disable TLER - WDTLER.ZIP

    This WDTLER.ZIP file that is attached is direct from Western Digital. Use at your own risk.

    • If you do not know what you are doing, please do not experiment. You could render your drive unusable.
    • Call Western Digital Support if unsure.
    • Currently, from what I heard, Western Digital stopped giving the Utility out.
    • New Drives may not have the option to turn TLER on or off. Check with WD.
    Make sure you check out our other Thread / Posts on the WDTLER Utility!

    For the drives that are TLER capable, these are instructions from WD:

    Originally Posted by WD
    Attached is the WD TLER Utility. You’ll need to perform the following steps to enable TLER on our SATA drives. We are sending you the software to see if it works in your situation.

    1) Create a DOS-bootable floppy

    Title: Create an MS-DOS Startup Disk

    2) Unzip the contents of “” to the boot floppy
    3) Insert the boot floppy into the computer with the WD SATA drives
    4) Boot the computer off the floppy
    5) At the DOS prompt, type “TLER-ON” and press ENTER
    6) Wait for the program to finish and then remove the boot floppy
    7) Restart the computer with the WD SATA drives

    Note: This utility will change every drive attached. Disconnect any drives that you do not want to be changed.

    Just so that you are aware, this utility may not be able to read drives on some controllers. If the utility fails, please try the drive on a different controller and see if the utility is successful.

    Western Digital Service and Support
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    WDTLER - TLER - Time-Limited Error Recovery Information Sheet

    Time-Limited Error Recovery Information Sheet

    Information Sheet Attached.
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