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Having a problem booting up a new built computer system

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  • Having a problem booting up a new built computer system

    Posted by:chou560

    Hi everyone,

    • I have built a new computer using Gigabyte ma790fxt ud5motherboard, with AMD 965 micro 125W version and an ATI 5770 video card, 850Wsupply and 4gb DDR3 memory.

      When the computer tries to boot up I get this error: MBR error 2 and then thewindows starting screen displays then the system reboots. I see the BIOS ver.on screen as "6.00PG". Could this be the issue?

      I read some of you are using this motherboard and was hoping that may be youhave seen this problem before.

      Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    MBR stands for master boot record. I recommend doing this, boot the computer to your Windows XP CD and then on the main blue screen menu, select "R" for the recovery console.

    Then select C: drive which is the number "1" listed I believe. The computer will then ask you to type in an admin password but simply hit enter if you don't have one and it will skip the process. Then on C:\> type in "chkdsk /r" and make sure there is a space between chdsk and /r.

    This will take about an hour or two and after this process is finished, fix the master boot record by simply typing in "fixmbr". Fixing the master boot record should only take a few seconds and then reboot the computer afterwards and boot into windows.


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      Posted by:chou560

      Thank you GoHighVoltage,

      Will Try it tonight.


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        Posted by: chou560

        I tried what you had suggested yesterday and it seems to have fixed the MBR error but still no go on booting up to windows XP.

        I tried to do a repair of windows but it would not work then I tried a new install on the same HDD but with a different directory name and it would not complete and now post boot, windows start up screen shows for a few seconds and then the screen goes black and nothing after that.

        I went ahead and ordered two 1GB HDD's and will try to use them as RAID and install windows 7.

        My question is, will it still be possible if the new install works, that I would still be able to access my old HDD's that have winXP on them and all of my data?


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          Hi Chou560,

          It really depends on if the data is corrupted on the hard drive, and how bad. If the operating system is the only thing corrupted, then you stand a good chance to hook the drive up to your system as a "second" drive and read the information. If that is possible, then you should be able to retrieve your information from the drive.

          Good luck!


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            Did You decide your problem? If so, what did you do?