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Lenovo Desktop Windows 10 System Freezing

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  • Lenovo Desktop Windows 10 System Freezing

    The computer started to freeze up on Tuesday, May 31. This is majority of what I've done so far: I looked through processes and recent activity and Java was the most recent update on that date; when opening Norton Premier it froze up and the error message recommendation to reinstall it (I was able to do this); I ran tests via Norton, which came up with no issues, all software was up to date and 56 cookies were deleted; I deleted internet files; Chrome and Firefox would constantly freeze then crash - when they were closed, there were moments I could type but it was delayed; I had difficulty opening up any of my computer files but one would open after a few minutes of waiting; I went ahead and defragged it even though it was only 2%; and lastly, I tried to uninstall Java but that froze on me and I ended up shutting down the computer once again. Any recommendations on what else I can do?