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We'd like to get a wireless network for our home, Concerned About Security

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  • We'd like to get a wireless network for our home, Concerned About Security

    Most people today have installed wireless networks in their homes as it is convenient and eliminates the need to run wires, etc. The problem is that people go to your local retail store, buy a wireless router, come home, plug in and then leave them.

    The problem is that most people are unaware that you are leaving your internet access, computers and network, wide open for anyone within range to see your computers, and use your internet access that you pay for every month. Wireless routers do not come with security already installed. You must read over the installation instructions and use the install disks to install security. You will know if your network is secure by "pad lock" that displays next to your network name, and it will say secured network.

    Having a secured network will not let anyone connect unless they have the exact "key" or pass phrase you choose. You may think, this isn't important, but remember, your internet access is your fingerprint / DNA so to speak through the use of IP numbers. So if someone were to start doing criminal acts using your wireless network, it will be traced back to your door step. Also, some Internet service providers have recently started canceling service due to overly high usage. This is most likely from unsecured networks, etc. If you have any trouble or questions feel free to email me.