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Hosting - Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated - Which one do I need? Which is Best Hosting?

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  • Hosting - Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated - Which one do I need? Which is Best Hosting?

    Are you in the market for a Host? Or do you have a current Host that told you that you need to upgrade your hosting due to traffic?

    I think what people need to realize is that shared hosting is great for a static website (Most personal websites, small business, etc). This is great for that. Shared hosting may even be good enough for a low volume forum. VPS is the next step up for moderate traffic, and a moderately ran forum, blog, directory, etc.

    If you have a website, or websites, that is attracting thousands of visitors, and extremely high traffic, to the point that you get warnings, or forced to shut down from your hosting, then this is the perfect time to realize that you are in need of a dedicated server.

    You cannot expect any hosting company to allow one node to bring everyone elses nodes to a crawl or to a stop. This wouldn't make sense on any level. And it is not fair to all the other customers sharing the VPS or shared server. Keep in mind that the Hosting company has to keep ALL their customers best interest in mind.

    Consider this, if your business/website is generating that much traffic, and your not making the revenue to support a dedicated server expense, then there is something wrong. If you are running a successful business, and generate that much traffic, then as a business owner, you would want your own dedicated server, so your customers/visitors have good service, good speed, convenience, etc.

    This reminds me of people that buy a 1500 series van, that is rated 1/2 ton, then they get it equipped with a 6 cylinder engine. 3 months later, they are at the dealer yelling because the driveline is breaking, using a ton of gas, no power, etc. You walk outside and they have the van loaded down with 2 tons of plumbing equipment, van sitting so low it looks like the wheels will rub the inner fenderwells.

    Point is, you can't buy a 1500 series van, with a 6 cylinder, and want to use it like a 3500 series van with a big 8 cylinder. You can't buy a shared hosting, and expect it to handle the capacity of a dedicated server.

    I highly recommend JaguarPC hosting. The pricing, level of support and service is outstanding. I have been using them for all my clients and my websites. They have the best technical team and customer service, period. If you are in the market for a good hosting company, that is operated and located in the United States, with ultimate reliable service, then JaguarPC is your only choice.

    I have used several different hosting companies, and none even come close to what I experience with JaguarPC. Thank you Jag!

    Visit them: JaguarPC