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  • Color Your Flags

    If you use each flag color in Outlook 2003 to mean something different but sometimes forget which flag means what, here's a handy trick: Put the flags on a toolbar and give them custom names. Not only do the buttons tell you what each flag is for, but you can also use the buttons to add flags to messages quickly.

    Start by choosing View | Toolbars | Customize. In the Customize dialog box, choose Toolbars and then New. Enter "Flags" as the name, and click on OK.

    Drag the new toolbar onto Outlook's toolbar area. Next, choose the Commands tab in the Customize dialog box. From the Categories list, choose Actions, and find the entries for Red Flag, Blue Flag, and so on. Drag each flag command to the new toolbar.

    Also drag the Clear Flag command, which lets you clear flags from messages.

    Right-click on each flag button, enter a name in the Name box, make sure the Image and Text option is checked, and then close the Customize dialog box.

    Next time you want to flag an item, simply select the item and click on the appropriate flag button in the toolbar.