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Word's Built-In Calculator

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  • Word's Built-In Calculator

    Did you know you can add a calculator to Word's toolbars or menus?

    Go to View | Toolbars | Customize and choose the Commands tab. In the list of categories, go to Tools, select Tools Calculate in the list of commands, and drag it to a toolbar or drop-down menu. After you drop the command on the toolbar or menu, immediately right-click on the command, choose Change Button Image from the pop-up menu, and choose the calculator icon.

    You can use the same pop-up menu to specify whether to display text, an icon, or both in the toolbar. Now, type a simple calculation (try 2 2) in a Word document, highlight it, and click on the new icon or menu item. To replace the calculation with the result, just press Ctrl-V. Before you press Ctrl-V, note that the result appears in the status line at the bottom of the window.