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Cannot Open Images / Picture files on Desktop

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  • Cannot Open Images / Picture files on Desktop


    Can't / cannot open picture files or images on desktop.
    If I drop a jpg on my Desktop, I can't open it with Photo Gallery. If I move
    it to Documents, or Pictures for example, it opens fine. My Desktop is a
    subfolder of a separate drive, alongside Documents and Pictures etc.


    Copy all of the web / internet shortcuts that are on your desktop to a folder on your desktop called test (or anything else).

    Now try double clicking on a JPG image (assuming Windows Photo Gallery is still your default application.)

    Then, one by one, copy the shortcut files back to the desktop - double clicking the JPG file each time
    to see when this happens again. When you
    find the offending shortcut, copy it's URL and delete the file. Then try double clicking the file again.